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About Divadandi

W e are a group of professionals volunteering with a common vision and agenda of bringing the right information, at the right time, to the right place and people. What we observed was a common problem among individuals in kickstarting their careers or moving them forward.

Over the years in the IT domain, it is not that we observe a lack of talent for rejections or a late start to budding careers but the lack of skillsets. There is mostly inexposure to the possibilities or even misinformation in many cases.

So, what are we here for?

There is no dearth of information online. Whether it is about building a career, guidance for education, or even progressing professionally. But, the pain point is that it might take a lifetime and more to consume all that information before you finally come across that one piece of transformative information that will change your professional life forever.

We want to keep it simple. The first step for which is to keep our language native (Gujarati) for all the information and possible material we share or the events we conduct. This is for everyone and anyone, absolutely FREE.

We welcome students, freshers, professionals, and enthusiasts of the IT domain to come, be a part of our initiative. If we could make even the slightest change in driving your careers in a better direction, we will attain a feeling of achievement.

With this platform, we are trying to make a difference. We wish to guide, educate, explore, and learn; because that is the only way to success: co-existence.

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