Latest Trends in the IT Industry – Speaker: Mr. Vijay Rathi

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Choosing a career is always a challenge. It is a tough choice between what you like i.e. your interest and what a potential well-paying, handsome earning job you can have. Planning a career ahead in the early days of your education can itself pan out many possibilities and give you an extra edge against the fiercely competitive world that the IT industry already is.

With Divadandi, an initiative to help students and learners in Gujarat to understand the IT industry better, we want to build a bridge that will take you to the career of your dreams. We bring to you a pathway that will help you figure out a career that will take you a long way and retain your interest.

As the first step in this direction, this webinar video will give you pathbreaking insights into the recent trends in the IT industry directly from the expert Vijay Rathi and how as a student you can educate yourself to become fitting for a career in these domains.

About our Expert: Vijay Rathi

Mr. Rathi is an expert in the IT industry and having spent over some 19 years actively has seen its gradual rise. Many exits, mergers, and startups later, the only thing that according to him keeps a person going in the IT industry is being a constant learner.

In this video session, Vijay Rathi introduces himself as a student but he is a treasure trove of the IT industry and manages the role of Director of Engineering in a notable organization.

Things to Learn from this Session:

The IT industry that we witness today has been shaped by various occurrences of the past and continues to influence our future.


Our speaker thereby starts the session by briefly walking us through the timeline and highlighting the milestones in the IT industry. Right from the 70s’ where terms like UNIX and LINUX were the common occurrences, there was a gradual introduction of operating systems, storage both hardware and software, etc.

Moreover, somewhere between 2005-2010, the intranet started coming into the picture and big names in the market started leveraging it along with the extranet.


Where we are today is a big leap from where we started. Whether it is terms like Big Data and cloud computing becoming the norm, or 5G internet at lightning-fast speed, the IT industry has moved from reserved to a certain group of people to everyday dealings.

There was a time when internet connectivity, cloud storage, coding was something that did not concern many or to simply put it was a subject matter of experts. But, today with smartphones in every hand, a new picture is being painted in the IT industry.

These latest trends are good news for everyone looking to build a career in the IT industry. It has opened doors to new opportunities and also with changing architectures in software the sky is the limit for you to explore.


As stated, the progress in the past propels our future. As we enter areas where AI, ML, data science, cloud, etc. technologies are extensively being applied, the application development on the web and mobile has also tremendously improved.

As we think about the future, the speaker addresses the pivotal role of environmental factors like advocating sustainable technologies and methods in the IT industry. Whether it is conscious steps being taken towards becoming carbon neutral or reducing the carbon footprint, the IT industry is making pace in these areas. A careful analysis of this situation also renders the information that massive jobs would be created for professionals who are skilled will benefit the most.

Mr. Vijay Rathi among other things, also speaks about how SaaS plugins are now available and the trends in companies were opting for MVPs with fewer bugs is preferred as opposed to full-fledged development and ending up with a product that eventually fails. The idea to build everything from scratch seems less viable with the increasing demands and focus is centered around quick time to market without compromising quality to stay ahead in the market.

He speaks about the emergence of “Domains v/s Verticals”. There is a niche-wise focus on introducing technology in healthcare, education, pharmacy, banking, government sectors, etc. The wave to “Go Digital” is stronger than ever and it is not at all likely to subside.

There is real transformation with these latest trends in the IT industry which is touching the lives of all individuals in the world.

Areas with High Potential to Build your Career in the IT industry

The speaker throws light on each of the following segments and how you can master the art and skills required in each of the segments of the IT industry.

  • Cyber Security: It’s a definite no-brainer that with sophisticated technology there is an ever-evident risk posed to networks, architectures, and overall software in general. The literature and tools to make them secure are also ever-evolving.

    As an IT professional if cyber security is what thrives your mind, then it is an industry worth exploring, pursuing, and building a fruitful career in. Mr. Rathi tells us the nuances of how hacking occurs, the advent of technologies like integrated devices, and the trends in cyber security which are highly motivating and informative for an IT professional.

  • DevSecOps: While many of us are familiar with the term “DevOps”, it is like a dated knowledge after what Mr. Vijay is introducing to us. At this point, one realizes the difference an expert from the IT industry makes when fetching information. DevSecOps is a step ahead of development and operations as we know it.

    It is all about achieving the full advantage of the process and enhancing the agility, responsiveness of the end product. It emphasizes on incorporating “Security” the “sec” part in “DevSecOps”. For someone wanting to enter some uncharted territory and achieve specialization, this is a great field.

  • Data Engineering: AI i.e. artificial intelligence combined with big data is like an unexplored gold mine sitting right in front of our eyes. For flourishing niches like eCommerce, there is so much that will be done in the near future.

    Data engineering is all about how data is being handled. Its storage, analysis, and use are the three major things that would cause breakthroughs for an organization. Many big names in the IT industry are making strides to make the most of this untapped potential of Big data with data engineering. And, for the non-coders, there is no better option than this.

  • AI Ops: Another unique introduction by Mr. Vijay Rathi was an Algorithm in IT Operations. This involves machine learning technologies in IT operations analytics. There are basic concepts like natural language processing NLP that are put to unique use.

  • xApps: One of the most lesser-known and highly effective upcoming trends in the IT domain is supposedly xApps that are SAP AG Composite Application. These composite applications combine web applications with data from multiple systems. These definitely hold a bright future for early birds as someone who is equipped with the knowledge can quickly enter into companies with big names.

Parting Note:

As the session heads towards completion, our expert answers the doubts and queries of participants of the live session and gives them specific guidance about which road to follow. While the answers are specific to some existing technologies, they are enlightening to students and enriching to their knowledge.

The takeaway of this session by Mr. Vijay to everyone working to build a career is to focus on gathering knowledge and understand that the attitude to keep learning is the key to success.