How to Prepare for an Interview? Speaker: Roma Lakhani

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Securing an interview for your desired position is a feat in itself. But, the bigger challenge poses when you start prepping for it. What would the questions be? How should I look more presentable? What are the pointers that the interviewer would take into consideration?

Whether it is an in-person interview in physical attendance or the modern take of an audio/video calls online interview, the pressure does not seem to take off really!

The only way out is to be as thorough as you can, in every aspect you can, from polishing your personal skills to technical skills.

Speaking of which, well-structured guidance from an expert about cracking interviews would be like a knight appearing in shining armor right in front of you. Yes, you guessed that right!

Our second live event at Divadandi by industry expert Roma Lakhani was an all-inclusive interactive session on how to perfectly crack the interview for your dream job.

About our Expert: Roma Lakhani

She is a proficient HR who has spent over 9 years in the IT industry in Surat. She has served a hierarchy of positions as an HR Advisor, an expert in IT recruitment, and staff management.

Over the years she spent in the industry, she has a treasure trove of what are the ways to ace an interview. She is the perfect person who can guide you about honing your skills and attributing an X-factor that gives you an added advantage along with the knowledge you have.

Excerpts from the Session on How to Ace an Interview:

Since Roma Lakhani has such incredible knowledge of interviewing candidates for different roles panning right from an intern to the highest Manager, she can definitely reveal some of the secrets under her sleeve as to what is the best way to showcase your skills.

And, that’s exactly what she did in this interesting interaction at Divadandi’s session. If you missed out on the live session, you can visit the Youtube link and this article will highlight what to expect from this video.

We dive into the step-wise preparation offered by Ms. Roma to build you as a perfect candidate.

What is an Interview?

Just like when learning a new subject, our expert began by shedding light on the basics. She explained the different types of interviews and what should your approach be to each of them differently.

There is no single templated way to be. Just like every person has their unique personalities which work in their favor for specific job roles, every type of interview needs unique treatment.

She also highlighted the difference between Resume and Curriculum Vitae (CV). What purposes do they entail and when should you use them depending on the situations of job profiles and positions you have applied for.

During the Interview:

When you are scheduled for an interview, there is an unsaid rule wherein you have to conduct yourself in a particular way. Whether it is carrying a particular set of documents or having a composed demeanor, everything matters.

Our expert discussed each of these points with specific details. And, all of these points were presented in a simple form with real-life examples.

One of the most important things that candidates wish to be guided for is answering the most frequently asked questions (FAQs). Whether it is something as basic as “Tell me about yourself” or “what are your strengths and weaknesses?” there is definitely a perfect way to answer it. Some additional off-beat and unique questions that are making rounds in the HR circles like “Can you share a difficult work situation and how you overcame it?” were also discussed.

While the speaker acknowledges and stresses being honest about yourself, presenting yourself in an interview is an art of how much to conceal and reveal.

The session further progresses in taking up questions that candidates are facing in the current scenarios.

Q&A Phase

Having the opportunity to get all your qualms addressed is something no one would want to miss. This session was no different. Ranging from freshers to experienced developers, there were some really interesting questions being raised by the participants.

Not only were the interpersonal skills discussed but also the aspects adhering to accepting a job i.e. salary negotiation, signing a bond, job roles, technology that you work with, etc. were discussed.

Clearing all the confusion regarding whether a candidate should be upfront about the technologies they wish to work on, or their salary expectations, the answers were enlightening. They give an idea as to how does an entity from the company i.e. the HR or the management thinks.

Take Away:

The agenda of this session was very clear. It is not just about how much you know and how much you are able to speak. An interview is a lengthy process and involves many stages. Preparing holistically and carefully will definitely help you land up a job in the company of your dreams and a position of your choice.

So, what are you waiting for? Get set to crack that dream job with the perfect set of tips to ace any interview.