How to Find Vegetarian Food?

There are very few pure vegetarian restaurants around. So you will end up find veg dishes available in restaurant serving veg-non veg food.

If you are very much specific about your diet, you should cook on your own.

Few Pure Vegetarian Indian Restaurants are as below.

Few Pure Vegan Indian Restaurants are as below.

How to Travel In City?

If you are planning to spend 2-3 weeks in city, it is good to buy Muni monthly pass. So you can have unlimited travel inside city using Muni Metro, Cable Car, Historic Streetcars and Buses (Except BART). It will cost you around 92$ for entire month. If you don’t buy pass, you will have single journey ticket of around 2.75$. So you may count yourself. You may refer Muni Map. Kindly download PDF from above link to zoom and read it clearly.


Where to Stay?

If you are looking for great location and okay to have compromise room service, you may think of You can rent Shared Room/ Private Room/ Entire Apartment based on your choice and budget. Do check how far it is from muni station. So it will be easy for you to travel inside city. Try to choose place near downtown and it will save your good amount of time.


Indian Grocery

If you love cooking and wish to cook yourself and if you are looking for Indian grocery store around you, you may find almost everything in below mentioned stores. Parle G to you name it. You should get everything you need.

  • Jai Ho Indian Grocery Store (San Francisco)
  • Patel Grocery (San Ramon)
  • Patel Brothers (Santa Clara)


Things To Do In Free Time

  • If you have Muni pass, I suggest instead of taking “San Francisco City Bus Tour” you may explore city on your own. Install Trip Advisor and refer “Things To Do” in San Francisco and around.
    • Few Must Visit Places
      • Golden Gate Bridge
      • Golden Gate Park
      • Twin Peak
      • Civic Center
      • Cable Cars
      • Pier 39
      • Lombard Street (From Bottom End)
      • Baker Beach
  • You may also check Airbnb Experiences  and it will list lots of activities happening around.
  • You must sign up for and attend meetups of your choice. You will find lots of meetups to choose from.



If you have any questions, you may contact me and I will try to revert back to you in 24 hours.